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The group is a signatory of global company and respect the ambition of 17 sustainable development goals of the united nations


Environmental issues pose a serious challenge for humanity
We want to help cap the rise in temperature by reducing the carbon footprint of our activities and offering solutions for sustainable mobility. We support national and international organizations to reduce global warming and respect their principles. We have a responsibility to prevent and remedy pollution at all our production sites and within our local communities. Air quality poses an increasing threat to health in cities. Through our solutions and partnerships we work to reduce pollutant emissions and improve air quality.
The world is in a state of permanent disruption
Technology is rapidly changing our business models and working methods. We must anticipate the next trends, remain agile and invest in innovation and education. We strive to ensure the employability of our employees throughout their working life through lifelong learning, professional mobility and on the job training. This is the best guarantee for ensuring that everyone can reap the benefits of technological advances and changing work practices. For younger generations we have extensive programs of apprenticeships, work/study, volunteers for international experience (VIE) and internships that both provide Faurecia with a talent pool and enable extensive on the job training and cultural integration.
Short term thinking jeopardizes future generations
In a world which never stops changing we must invest in our future and in particular in technology, new business models and learning. We must preserve natural resources and meet environmental challenges for the well-being of future generations. At the same time, in order to maintain the confidence of our customers and shareholders we must deliver short term financial and operational performance. We must be able to balance both long term and short term and not jeopardize one at the expense of another. Our culture enables us to combine rigor and discipline in short-term execution with a long term vision.
Power must have a counterbalance
We believe in a system of transparency and dialogue. Each of us can voice an opinion, criticism, or alternative suggestion or report a violation without fear of personal consequences and in complete transparency. We believe in open, responsible and balanced dialogue, based on mutual recognition and an acceptance of the legitimacy of each viewpoint. Our relationship with our suppliers is guided by the principles of respect and partnership to create long term value for both parties. We view and respect collective representation of employees and social dialogue in the same proactive and constructive spirit.
Diversity is a strength
Diversity in our workforce with regard to gender, place of origin, cultural or educational background, experience or any other difference is a source of strength. Thanks to our diversity, we have a better understanding of customer expectations and we take better decisions. We encourage the broadest possible diversity through recruitment and career management and by fostering workplace conditions and a flexible organization that are adapted to individual needs.
Companies must have a positive impact on society
We are a member of the community in each region where we operate worldwide. We contribute to economic development and the creation of social value by hiring at the local level, providing career training and advancement for employees and through a commitment to ethics and social responsibility. Above and beyond our legal obligations, we have a responsibility to maintain a frank and ongoing dialogue with the communities that surround our sites, to ensure that our operations are harmoniously integrated into each region. As appropriate, we initiate or contribute to projects and programs that address local needs, by offering our expertise and resources in support.

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