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About Us

QapiGroup design and
devise its own product.
QAPI GROUP design and devise its own product within its design department; from project feasibility to its finalization, we are in measure to offer to our clients’ technical and customized solutions as well as a personalized support during each step of their project.
We are proud to
show you our future projects.
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Automotive Meeting Tanger-Med 2019

Automotive Meeting Tanger-Med 2019

QAPI GROUP is one of the 150 main players in the automotive industry in Morocco, one of the few established there for more than 20 years.
Action Coronavirus

Action Coronavirus

QAPI GROUP offers all French companies in difficulty by this new coronavirus episode to repatriate their tools to Europe and produce their injected or plastic blown parts at the same price as in China.

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Vision Camera controls

Vision Camera controls

QAPI GROUP wants to guarantee to its customers, the quality for any new project by generalizing Vision Camera controls in all plants. This technology allows us to automatically detect the presence, defect, colour and recognition of traits by a simple scan of the product. Keyence’s Vision Camera provides fast, accurate and high quality visual check.