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At QAPI GROUP’s we are convinced that exists, in the plastic processing industry as well as in many other sectors, numerous synergies to establish among the countless know-how that everyone possesses. We would like to encourage and promote collaboration and the development of these complementarities in order to allow each one to develop and strengthen his activity.

Our know-how in injection molding, assembly and decoration arouse your interest? You are thinking of a project to industrialize? Do not hesitate to contact us; we are the interlocutor that you require.


We devised in joint development with Atlantic Polymère Valorisation (APV), an innovative and pioneer company in the field of recycled plastic waste, a composter, the well-named Mister Eat-It-All.

Designed and manufactured locally within our production plant in Dordogue and made of a 100% recycled materials (plastic wastes and composites from hull boat wastes). Mister Eat-It-All will get you rid of all you organic wastes (table leftovers, grass, etc.) with great appetite.

This specific project is a typical case of joint development and collaboration between SMEs operating on a same business sector with complementary activities namely; the production of plastic raw material and the injection molding service with the purpose to end with a finished product.

If you wish to know more about the recycling, reusing and transformation process of plastic waste, do not hesitate to visit our partner’s website http://apvrecycling.com/.


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